Can Windows and Doors be Installed During the Winter?

One of the most asked questions is “can windows and doors be installed during the winter”?  The answer is yes. 

Most windows and door companies work all year round and like all construction/renovation type of businesses, have busy seasons and slow seasons.

The window and door industry has two peak busy seasons, spring and fall. The spring season begins as soon as the snow has disappeared and ends at the end of  June. The fall season begins as soon as school starts and ends when the snow begins which varies from year to year.

July and August sales slow down a bit but installation is going full steam ahead, busy with the projects that came in during the spring.

The best time to buy windows and doors is during the slow times of the year because window and door companies want to work all year round. 


Winter Installation Process

The installation process is a little different than during the warmer months and sometimes the installation date can be postponed while the weather changes but for many people, the sale pricing makes up for the inconvenience.

QualiGlass usually sets the temperature at -15° and will not install during very snowy or windy days.

Different types of foam insulation that have a lower set temperature are used and caulking is kept warm until it is used.


Special care needs to be taken when installers are working with vinyl siding, especially old siding. Vinyl can become brittle when it has been on a house for several years and cold temperatures make it even more brittle. Removing and reinstalling or cutting vinyl siding that is installed over nailing flanges should be done on warmer sunny days and definitely not on windy days.

Large open rooms like living rooms and front entrances can be partitioned off using heavy plastic sheets and zip poles.

This helps keep out the cold air and controls dust and construction debris from spreading.

Doors and windows are installed all year even in the winter. 

If you are looking for the best pricing and are willing to put up with a little bit of inconvenience, look into getting your window and doors installed during the winter months.