Basement Windows

What is the best type of basement window? 

The answer to the question lies in the reason you are replacing your basement windows.  There are several reasons to replace basement windows including better efficiency, more light, better ventilation or  complying with the Egress code. The reason you are replacing your windows will help determine what type of window will best serve your needs.

Some things to consider when choosing basement windows:

  • Are they are located close to or below grade?  A window that opens to the outside in our area can cause problems during the winter months because of snow accumulation.
  • Is the room the window is located a bedroom? In Edmonton bedroom windows have to meet the EGRESS code. Bedrooms windows must have 3.77 square feet of unobstructed open area. (0.3502 Sq. M)
  • Is the bottom sill of the window below grade? If it is a window well will be needed.

QualiGlass Windows manufactures all types of basement windows to satisfy all your needs. 

In many cases meeting the EGRESS code for basement bedroom windows requires increasing the size of the window which may requires cutting the concrete foundation. The City of Edmonton requires a permit for increasing the size of a window and for cutting a foundation and to get a permit you’ll need an Engineer’s report.

Sometime though, you can eliminate these steps and costs by having a EGRESS boxed slider installed instead.

More information on EGRESS basement windows.

EGRESS Boxed Slider

  • Meets EGRESS requirements.
  • Quick release latch.
  • Tempered glass for security and  safety.
  • Opens as easy as a door
  • Available in dual or triple pane.
  • Opens to a full 90° or upto 180° depending on window placement.

Hopper Windows

Then name Hopper Window originated from back in the day when homes were heated using coal. The coal was loaded in basements through a hopper window which was hinged at the top and opened inwards.

The same basic operating style is used today to garner as much opening area as possible to make escaping through the window possible.

Hopper windows have a screen on the exterior and are only available in dual pane glass.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are often used in basements because windows there are often close to ground level or inside a window well where an out swinging sash could be an issue.

They are available in both dual and triple pane. The slider windows screen is positioned on the outside of the window.

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