Pet Doors

Pet Doors

What’s the difference between a dog door and a cat door? Lots.

Cats have proportionally wider bodies than dogs, so our furry friends need a door that accommodates their width. Cat doors often have see through flaps or doors, and can be installed in a window, door or a wall.

Dog doors are generally tall and narrow to accommodate the average size canine, although some smaller dogs can fit through a cat door. Dog doors are most often installed into man doors or in a wall.

Each pet door is manufactured for its specific type of installation. Qualiglass can help you determine the best installation application to accommodate your pet.

Dog Door from Plexidor®

Cat sash from Pet Doors

Petsafe® Electronic Dog Door

Plexidor® Electronic Series

Plexidor® Glass Series

Types Of Pet Doors

There are many brands, each with their own designs. Let’s look at a few.

  • Plastic flap doors that function as the active opening part of the door. 
  • Plexidoors use a rigid plastic hinged door that automatically closes after the pet enters or exits.
  • Adding a locking mechanism and an addition steel plate to slide in place when you’re away is a nice security feature to consider.
  • Electronic doors can utilize a pet collar fob, which will open the door when your pet approaches. There are options available: the Plexidor Electronic series opens up like a garage door, while others like the PetSafe model are hinged at the top.


Choosing the right pet door

It’s important to consider your person-door design when looking at a pet door. Most door designs have panels that are indented or protruding and vary in thickness. It’s important to have a consistent thickness to ensure a good weather proof installation. 

We can help you determine the best pet and human door combinations to ensure all family members have easy, safe and weather proof access to the comforts of home.

In the project above our customer chose to replace his existing door slab with a new flush (smooth) door slab and install a 22 x 36 door-lite and a Plexidor® dog door.

The video shows the first time the dogs are introduced to their new door.